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Vinyl Tubing for Water Chillers


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Item Description

  • Black tubing helps to discourage algae growth within the tubing compared to the more commonly available clear vinyl tubing
  • Very Flexible – ideal for working in confined areas. Permits installer to make smooth, tight turns. Saves time and labor, Shore A Hardness
  • Resistant to Chemicals, Non-marking, non-conductive and silicone free
  • Smooth Inside and Outside – Allows Unrestricted Flow
  • Non-Toxic,  BPA Free,  PVC Tubing Can be Steam Sterilized
  • Manufactured to FDA and USDA Standards
  • Working Temperatures: 5 degrees F to 150 degrees F
  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • Non-Toxic PVC


This Black Vinyl Tubing, commonly referred to as “black vinyl tubing”, “black PVC tubing”, “black plastic tubing” and “black flexible tubing”, is lightweight and flexible and is widely used in water gardens, aquariums, fish hatcheries, and a multitude of other industries for transport of liquids, gases and some light solids. Our black tubing has a Shore A hardness and may be steam sterilized. Black vinyl tubing is recommended in water gardening and fountain/statuary applications since it resists bacteria and algae growth and is generally not able to be seen in ponds and water gardens. Manufactured to have a smooth interior and exterior, our black vinyl tubing prevents solid or sediment build up and is practically incapable of bacterial growth. It is lightweight, strong, yet very flexible and can easily hold up under situations requiring rough handling. Our black vinyl tubing is easy enough to work with for almost anyone to use. Trimming or cutting it is simple, most sizes can but cut with scissors or heavy duty shears (it can also be cut with PVC pipe cutters). Black vinyl tubing easily conforms to barbed vinyl tubing fittings and connectors and is clamped using hose, wire or ratcheting clamps. The smooth interior reduces friction, boosting your efficiency and lowering your overall operating cost. It also coils easily for storage and transport.

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3/4" ID, 1" ID


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