Engine + Nitrous Bottle Chiller


Revolutionary new design – Reservoir can be turned off!

Cuts engine chilling time down from current methods by 20+ minutes

1 year warranty

Proudly Built in USA


Clear selection


The photos shown here are of our original engine chiller prototype. We’ll have new photos coming soon of our final updated version.  We’re currently making some minor changes to the original prototype. For example switches are being changed out for toggles and we’ve made our reservoir opening larger in order to accommodate chilling 2 nitrous bottles as well.

We’ve taken chiller prototypes to the Lights Out 12 and Sweet 16 4.0 racing events where we demonstrated them for a select group of drivers and crews. Most teams experience at least a 30 minute cool down time when using “other brands” of Iceless Engine Chillers on the market. When we were able to cut 20 minutes off of their cool down times, both drivers and their crews were amazed! We were able to reach temperatures in 10 minutes that took other chiller brands 30 plus minutes to achieve. In fact, within 20 minutes of testing, we had to cut our cooling demo short because we were getting “to cold” which is a good problem to have!  We also ran tests with teams that only run water in their engine heads. These cooling times came in just a little bit slower due to the nature of slower heat pickup from the engine. Teams were still very impressed with these cool down times because they far exceeded what the other brands of “Iceless” Engine Chillers were able to achieve.

Our reservoir opening accommodates chilling nitrous bottles too. The larger opening allows for 2 nitrous bottles to be chilled at the same time. Using 40 degree Fahrenheit water to chill the bottles works faster than ice. This is because the water is not only being circulated in our chiller but it also has more contact surface area than simply putting your tanks on ice.

Another design feature that sets Penguin Chillers apart from other chilling units is our ability to “turn off” the reservoir itself. Initially you need the reservoir liquid cold (38F) when you first hook up the chiller to the cars engine. However, once the engine and reservoir have equalized in temperature the reservoir has done its job and is no longer needed. From this point keeping the cars engine cold can be achieved through the use of the Chillers compressor only. By turning off the reservoir portion of the unit, the chillers compressors can now dedicate 100% of its cooling power directly to the cars engine.

On race day when the car is disconnected from the chiller and leaving the pits, the reservoir can be switched back on to begin cooling itself before the car returns. During this time, the compressor is now dedicating 100% of its cooling power toward the reservoir and not being split like other chilling units are forced to do. Because of this capability, we are able to use a larger reservoir than other chilling units can. Our larger reservoir gives you more stored cooling capacity during both your first and second cool down phases with no lag time between the two. The net result here is a Chiller that leaves your competition at the tree.

  • 12,000 BTU/hr
  • Reservoir capacity is 17 gallons and has the ability to be powered off.
  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • 10′ hoses  (standard or upgraded)
  • Reservoir holds 2 bottles at a time, either 10 lb, 12 lb, or 15 lb carbon.
  • Measurements 24″ x 24″ x 42″
  • 1 year warranty


Standard Hose Set: Feature Jiffy-Tite 5000 series Male+Female  valved quick connections for car hookup.   On the chiller side there are non-valved cam-lock style connections- when you disconnect the hoses from the chiller the unit will drain.

Upgraded Hose Set: Feature Jiffy-Tite 5000 series Male+Female  valved quick connections for car hookup.  On the chiller side there are also valved Male+Female Jiffy-Tite 5000 quick connections- when you disconnect the hoses from the chiller the unit will not drain.

*While standard hose set should work well for most customers, we recognize some customers will want to transport the chiller full and therefore need to disconnect the hoses and not have the chiller drain.

Additional information

Hose Set

Standard, Upgraded


Customer Pickup, Commercial Address (no lift gate), Farm, Rural Commercial or Residential Freight w/Liftgate


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