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Item Description

Submersible glycol pumps for use with our glycol chillers.

It is typical to use one pump per fermenter or vessel you wish to cool.  In this type of setup each pump is plugged into a glycol pump controller, the controller monitors the fermenter temperature and turns the pump on/off to regulate temperature.  When running multiple fermenters this setup allows you regulate the temperature of each fermenter independently.  The controller on the Glycol Chiller will regulate the temperature of the glycol reservoir ensuring there is always cold glycol on hand, to be sent out as needed to cool the fermenters.

These pumps work great for our brewing customers who use them in a way that cycles the pump on/off, and occasionally during a cold crash they may run a bit longer.  However we do not recommend them for any application that requires the pump to regularly run for extended periods of time without cycling.  This includes draft systems, or brewing setups wanting to use a header line and solenoid valves.  The occasional 8hrs of straight run isn’t an issue, but 8hr blocks 7 days a weeks is likely going to lead to a fairly short life span.


Pump Size Options:

Glycol Pump – 12v DC  /  19 watts  /  3.5gpm max  /  16′ Head height max /  3/8″ barb fitting – overall dimensions 3.1″ long, 1.65″ wide, 2.5″ tall

XL Glycol Pump – 24v DC  /  60 watts  /  6.3gpm max  /  32′ Head height max /  3/8″ and 1/2″ barb adapters included – overall dimensions 3.65″ long, 2.35″ wide, 4.30″ tall


Pump Comparison:

In real world testing under what we would consider a “normal” install – we found that the XL pump provided roughly 2x the flow on 3/8″ tubing and 4x the flow when used with 1/2″ tubing.



Up to 2BBL – Standard pump

Up to 4BBL – XL Pump used with 3/8″ tubing

Up to 10BBL – XL Pump used with 1/2″ tubing

*Please note that length of tubing, vertical height changes, and number of fittings all reduce the flow of a pump. This sizing is merely a suggestion, your setup may vary.

Additional information


Standard, XL

1 review for Glycol Pumps

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    I own a small startup brewery in the mountains of Colorado. I called to ask Penguin Chillers if they thought their glycol pump would work to pump glycol through a long-draw draft beer tap system to keep the beer lines cool. I mentioned there is a max height increase of 6′ and is overall a 50′ loop. They said “probably not” so I started my search for a pump that would work. I purchased a $100 pump from Amazon rated for sub-freezing temperatures and designed to power garden fountains and waterfalls and is about 3x bigger than Penguin Chillers’ pumps. That big pump did absolutely nothing and was unable to pump the glycol through even half the system. I decided to test a Penguin Chillers pump since I use them to chill my fermenters and lo and behold it pumped the glycol through like it was nothing. The pumps are not only powerful, but tiny.

    You do need to keep an eye on them because from time to time they will stop pumping and start “choking” but if you leave them alone (or if you need it to work right then, take them out of the water to let it breathe for a split second) they start working again.

    • Eric

      Thanks for the feedback Nick, it’ll help me provide better customer service and support to our future customers. I believe in “under promising and over delivering” the last thing I’d want to tell any of our customer is that one of our products will work for sure if I have any doubts. I’m glad to hear that it’s working for your application.
      -Eric Petty
      Penguin Chillers

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