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Glycol Pump Controller


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Controller for Glycol Pumps

Plug & Play

1100W Max load

Will control both a cooling device (glycol pump) and a heating device (heat pad/ immersion heater)  simultaneously to maintain fermenter set-point.


Ideal for use with our glycol pump and glycol chiller.  Using 1 controller and 1 pump per fermenter will allow you to run multiple fermenters off a single glycol chiller while maintaining a specific set temperature on each individual fermenter.  The controller will turn the glycol pump on/off to send cold glycol to the fermenter as needed to maintain the set point.
Item Description

Plug and play design, easy to use;
Dual relay output, allows you to connect both a glycol pump for cooling and a heat source for heating
Readout in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade
Maximum output load: 1100W
Dual display window, shows the set temperature and current temperature reading
Temperature calibration
High and low temperature alarms are available
Over-temperature and sensor fault alarm
Heating/Cooling differential function can be set separately for refrigeration and heating to protect against drastic temperature swings


Additional information


Temperature Control Range : -58~210 ° F / -50~99 °C
Temperature Resolution: 0.1° F / 0.1 ° C Temperature Accuracy: ±1°F (-50 ~ 160° F) / ±1°C (-50 ~ 70°C)
Temperature Control Mode : On/Off Control, Heating and Cooling
Input Power: 110v~120v (Standard US outlet)
Temperature Control Output: Max. 10A
Buzzer Alarm: High and Low Temperature Alarm
Sensor Type: NTC sensor
Sensor Length: 6.5'
Input Power Cable Length: 5'
Output Power Cable Length: 1'
Dimension Body: 5.5"x2.7"x1.3"
Operating Ambient Temperature: -22~ 167 ° F
Operating Humidity 20~85% (Without Condensation)
Warranty: 1 Year


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