1 HP High Efficiency (HE) Water Chiller

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  • 11,500 BTU/Hr
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • 1 Year Product Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA
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1 HP (HE) Water Chiller
  • 11,500 BTU/hr
  • 1″ NPT inlet/outlet ports (female threaded PVC)
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger = Reef Tank Safe
  • Recommended operating range ~40°F to ~100°F
  • 59 dBA
  • 6′ Power Cord
  • 110 – 120 Volts / 7.2 Amps / 830 Watts  
  • 19.25”W x 19.75”D x 14.25”H
  • 60 Pounds
  • 1 Year  Product Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

Our Standard line of Water Chillers all come with a titanium heat exchanger and a built in flow switch to disable the chiller in the event of a pump failure. A titanium heat exchanger keeps copper from coming into contact with your water. Because toxic levels of copper can build up in water being used for long periods of time, copper heat exchangers aren’t recommended for use in a closed loop aquarium setup. The use of titanium = Reef Tank Safe!

  • Pump Recommendation: Danner Mag-drive 500gph – 1800gph. Other pumps may be acceptable for use however they often apply less than 10psi to the chiller. If you’re using a different pool/spa pump or any other pump rated in horsepower please talk with our tech support first. There is typically a simple work around that allows our chillers to provide cooling to systems which operate at higher pressures. We would be more than happy to help you determine the best method of installation for your system. Be sure and visit our “Accessoriesweb page to view our selection of pumps and accessory packages available.
  • Digital Controller: The controller constantly monitors your systems incoming water temperature, therefore, water flow is needed at all times in order for it to successfully read current temperatures. When your systems water temperature moves above your desired set point, the controller tells the compressor and fan to turn on and begin cooling the water. Once your desired set point temperature is reached, the compressor and fan will turn off.
  • High Efficiency: HE models utilize a larger titanium coil compared to the standard version. The larger coil offers more contact surface area and contact time to provide more cooling. Both models run the same compressor, which means their power draw is the same. The high efficiency model is providing more cooling without any extra power consumption.

Penguin Chillers is an American owned and operated company and we manufacture all of our chillers in Knoxville, TN. By purchasing your chiller directly from us we can continue offering you quality service throughout the life of your unit. Our chillers are used in a wide variety of applications. If you need liquid of any sort cooled, we’re here to help. Contact us at Support@PenguinChillers.com.

Water Chiller Comparison Chart



Voltage / Amps /  Watts / Phase



½ HP

5,000 BTU/hr

110 – 120V / 3.9A / 450W / Single

 16.25”W x 14.75”D x 12”H

39 lbs


5,750 BTU/hr

110 – 120V / 3.9A / 450W  / Single

 16.25”W x 14.75”D x 12”H

40 lbs

1 HP

10,000 BTU/hr

110 – 120V / 7.2A / 830W / Single

19.25”W x 19.75”D x 14.25”H

58 lbs


11,500 BTU/hr

110 – 120V / 7.2A / 830W  / Single

19.25”W x 19.75”D x 14.25”H

60 lbs

1 ½ HP

15,000 BTU/hr

110 – 120V / 11A / 1,270W / Single

26.50”W x 23.75”D x 18”H

96 lbs

2 ½ HP

25,000 BTU/hr 208 – 240V / 11A / 2,410W / Single 26.50”W x 25”D x 18.50”H

135 lbs

Applications currently using a Penguin Chiller include, but not limited to:

Marine & Reef Tanks – Distilling – Drag Racing – Bait Tanks – Brewing – Lobster Tanks – Wineries – Hydroponics – Cold Therapy – Aquaponics – Lasers – Research Science – Electroplating – Computers – Printing Presses – Injection Molding – Milk/Butter/Candy/Pasta/Food Production – Extractions – Craft Soda – Hyperbaric Chambers – Waste Water Treatment – Welding – 3d Printing


2 reviews for 1 HP High Efficiency (HE) Water Chiller

  1. Tonilynn Brown (verified owner)

    We have a small aquaponics system in south Louisiana (1400 gallons). Our water temps were routinely 91-93 degrees. Our catfish didn’t seem to mind, but our leafy greens were struggling. We purchased the 1-hp high efficiency chiller and are thrilled. It easily keeps the system at 87 degrees in the dead of a Louisiana summer. It barely runs, even though we were concerned about it being undersized. We use a 1000gph aquarium pump to recirculate just the fish tank, but the whole system stays cool. I know it’s not a huge temp difference, but it’s just what we needed. Thanks guys!

  2. Michael – Clovis559 (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my chiller for cooling my PC, having a Ryzen 5950x at 4.9.5 all-core or Ryzen Master PBO boosting to 5.15 without having to change anything. (I hadn’t dialed either in before summer so I’m hoping to squeeze a little more out). Recently my chiller broke, and I would say my favorite thing is their support. The response time is incredible and they helped me get it shipped to them at a reasonable price. Without their help, Fedex said it would have cost over $300 from Cali. It did not take long for Penguin to fix it up. I’m glad I had this experience as it will make me more confident in upgrading to their Glycol’s in the future!

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