1/3 HP Glycol Chiller


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1/3 HP Glycol Bath Chiller
2370 BTU/hr @ 28F
1 year warranty
Proudly Built in USA

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Item Description

Our Glycol chiller allows users to achieve lower temperatures than our standard line of water chillers.  The glycol chiller is suitable for applications down to about 5F depending on the heat load.  This makes it ideal for the brewing market, along with many other low temperature applications.  The built in controller maintains the temperature of the glycol at the set point.  It can be used as a typical laboratory bath chiller or by using a submersible pump, chilled glycol can be pumped out to equipment requiring cooling.  There are 2 inlet and 2 outlet 3/8″ tubing fittings in the lid of the reservoir along with an addition hole to run the power cord for each pump.  The insulated reservoir holds 5 quarts of glycol.

Depending on application (desired operating temp/freeze point) you can use any combination of water/glycol you prefer.  It’s typical for brewing applications to use about 33-50% glycol to water.  On our testing down to -14F we used a 50/50 mix without any freezing issues.  It’s our recommendation to use a 50/50 mix due to ease of calculating the mix and the buffer it provides compared to 33% mix which if off just a little bit can freeze at normal operating temperatures.


For brewing applications:

The chiller can be used on up to 2 fermenters at the same time.  Suitable for up to 2 x 1BBL fermenters

Intended for maintaining fermentation temps/crash cooling.  Not recommended for dropping wort from boiling temps.  It is common practice to either use a 2 stage system where the chiller pre-cools tap water that then cools the boiling wort, or tap water is used first to drop the temps down to about 100F, then switch over to using the chiller.

It is typical to use one pump per fermenter or vessel you wish to cool.  In this type of setup each pump requires an individual controller to turn each pump on/off independently. The controller on the Glycol Chiller will regulate the temperature of the glycol (for example 28F), the controllers on the pumps would regulate the temperature of each vessel independently by regulating the flow of 28F glycol to that vessel.


Cooling provided:

  • 2370 BTU/hr @ 28F


Additional information

Technical Specs

• 1/3 Horsepower
• 1.25 gallon reservoir
• Environmentally Friendly R410a
• Lowest recommended operation 5F (achieving these temperatures is highly dependent on application)
• 115V / 3.7A / 420W
• 6' power cord
• 54lbs
• 56 dBA (Quiet)
• 16"L x 18"W x13.25"H
• 1 year warranty
• Proudly Built in USA

Extended Warranty

No Thanks, 2yr Warranty (+$49.99), 3yr Warranty (+$89.99)


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